Wellington Combined Shuttles Taxi Van Service - Phone 387 8787

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use a Wellington Combined Shuttles service?
Wellington Combined Shuttles is an easy cost effective way to get to and from your destination.  It is a great way to get from your house to the airport and from the airport to your place of choice.

2. Will Wellington Combined Shuttles pick me up and deliver me to my doorstep?
Yes we go door to door, we pick you up from or deliver you to your home, hotel, office or anywhere in the Greater Wellington region.

3. How are the pickup’s based?
We pick you up based on your flight check-in time and as long as you have booked in advance we provide an on demand service. Simple and time efficient.

4. How to book a vehicle with hoist? 
The use of a hoist vehicle are expected to pre-book for any trips that will be made between 7pm and 7am Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday and public holidays. The request requires a minimum of 24-48 hours notice to organise a vehicle with a hoist. 

5. Do I have to share the shuttle with other people?
In order to keep the shuttle costs down this is proven to be the most effective way.  Prior arrangements can be made for large group numbers.

6. Are Wellington Combined Shuttles cost effective?
Depending on your group size and pickup location, our prices can be less than half the price of a taxi. Get a live quote form our online booking form.

7. Are quoted fares all inclusive of extras, GST and Transaction fees?
All quoted fares include extras. GST and any transaction fees excluding Electronic Transaction fees (which apply when customers pay by Eftpos or Credit Card).  Credit and Eftpos Cards processed through our Smart Taxi Terminals attract an Electronic Transaction fee of $2.30 per transaction.

8. How do I catch a Wellington Combined Shuttle?
Please make your booking by calling 04 387 8787 or emailing to wctplanner@taxis.co.nz. 
Wellington Combined Shuttles can be arranged via our online booking form.

9. Where will I find Wellington Combined Shuttles at the airport?
We "meet and greet" ALL booked passengers at the baggage claim areas for domestic flights or as passengers exit the Airport Customs area for International flights.

10. Do I have to book my Airport Pick up in advance?
Yes. To ensure we are there to meet your flight, it is imperative that you book in advance, either online, by phone, internet, email or fax.

11. Can I hire the Wellington Combined Shuttles just for me and my family / friends / staff / work colleagues?
Yes you can. We specialise in group functions.

12. How many people can travel on a Wellington Combined Shuttle?
Up to 11 passengers and their luggage. All vans have luggage facilities with either a trailer or special compartments at the rear of the vans.

13. Why book Wellington Combined Shuttles online?
Because it’s quick, easy and secure and you get a printable confirmation of your itinerary.

14. How much time will I need to allow travelling to the airport?
When you book a Wellington Combined Shuttle you need to allow sufficient travel time to get you to the Airport at least 15 minutes before your last possible check-in.  Your travel time will vary greatly depending on what time of day you are travelling, distance from the airport, weather and traffic conditions. Wellington Combined Shuttles will not be liable for delays caused by accident, breakdown or other conditions beyond its control. Any expenses incurred as a result of delayed departure, including missed flights or travel connections; are the sole responsibility of the passenger.  

15. Is my information secure when I book online?
Yes very secure, once all your transfers are completed and paid ALL details are deleted from our records. Regular travel details are maintained but personal payment details cannot be reused.

16. Can I order a wakeup call?
Yes, as long as the wakeup call is in conjunction with your booking, this service is provided free of charge anywhere, any time.

17. What about infants and car seats?
We prefer that customers use their own car seats for health and safety reasons, most airlines accept this as luggage. There is a minimum charge of $6.00 per car seat as this takes up one passengers seat.

18. Can I take my dog or cat on a Wellington Combined Shuttle?
Yes as long as they are in a cage or the travel is booked as “exclusive” i.e. no other fare paying passengers in the van. We can either place the cage at your feet, in the rear of the van or in the trailer, depending on the cage size. Seeing Eye dogs MUST be accepted at all times in ALL Shuttle Vans.